Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Well I am sad to say that I was bumbling fool today at finals. Everything that could go wrong did. Changing outfits was a true disaster. My dvc ,huddles,were not in all the outfits so it appeared to Anrol that I was not paying attention. But I was fumbling around trying to catch-up. My boots made noise, of course I could not hear it, because I have no sound on my computer.All the things that I learned were gone I drew a blank. By now my confidence is in the toilet,and secretly in tears ,praying for this this torture, and agony to be over. what was once fun and exciting, turned into uncertainty and fear. I'm not making excuses I should have been better prepared, for which I thought I was very prepared, evidently not. Well good luck every one, it has been fun. see you later Kats

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